The top ten bad guys.

6 06 2007


In today’s world there are bound to be mad men. But how do perfectly civilized people allow mad men to ascend to hill of society to govern it?
We will never know.

According to the dictionary, Dictator means a ruler with total power.
In other words, a dictatorship means that the nation is controlled by one person who
has a complete grip over the country in an, overall, totalitarian government.

Dictators also have different policies.
Some don’t do anything terribly wrong, other than a few phone taps and bugs every here and there while others do what most of them do. Become sick with power.

To essentially everyone, power is a weakness to us. We live off it like a source of energy. Imagine how you would feel if you could have anything you wished done. Those who drown in their power tend to use it for the wrong things, such as ethnic cleansings like Hitler’s Holocaust and the assurance of continued power, as in elimination of opposition, a good example being Stalin’s Purges, they can also include the complete replanning of the infrastructure like with Mao, who attempted to unify all people into small, easy to control communes.

These radical, and usually insane policies and ideas can be hard to force into the public, which is where propaganda comes in. I have created the idea that there are two types of propaganda, soft and hard.

Soft= General use of the media and speeches. (posters, radio broadcasts etc.)
Hard= Fear tactics and purges (killing of opposition, forming of secret police, dissapearances)

Soft propaganda is designed to show ideals to people
Hard, to force and cram fear into the people as to keep them suppressed and
in the dark.

Fear is the prime tool of dictatorships and is used to discipline and eliminiate any opposition
from the people oppressed.

So anyway so begins the grand list of the worst dictators of the 20th century.

A word of wisdom:
“If you find yourself under the power of someone similar to those shown here,

General Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet

On his recent death Pinochet had 300 criminal charges pending against him. This is a simple indicator of the level of his crimes against humanity.
His face looked cold and lifeless in many photos although he could easily be mistaken as a feeble old man. This was more further from the truth as possible.

This fascist was forced upon Chile by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA. While a coup was occurring with thanks to the US and Pinochet,
Chile’s communist leader, Salvador Allende stepped out, made a brief speech, his glasses shimmering as a photo was taken. He then retreated back to a room, and shot himself with a gold-plated Kalashnikov automatic rifle courtesy of Fidel Castro.

Pinochet was then in power. Disappearances became usual. People were never seen again. Around 2300 people were killed for opposition. 30,000 were tortured. People were dumped without graves, heartlessly left dead.

Eventually as his rule fell apart, Chile reverted to civilian rule.
Pinochet died an old man, not having faced the punishment for his crimes.

It is much suspected that the western countries had a weak spot for him as for the fact that he had a capitalist leading, even though it was completely and utterly totalitarian. The British at various times saved him from trouble as well as the “Commie” hating Cold War American suits who threw him into power into power in the first place.

The Americans forced the change from Allende to Pinochet, not just to tighten their noose around South America and to further demolish Communism, Allende also nationalized US companies when he came into power, destabilizing many US businesses.

The CIA took it very importantly to destabilize Allende. They financed strikes and tried to sabotage infrastructure. By ’73, one-third of the US embassy staff in Chile could find their names on the CIA payroll.

When he got some proper power (military rule) Pinochet ordered the bombing of the presidential palace area. Allende then did his thing with Castro’s present. When he caught many of Allende’s aides, and ordered them to be killed, no matter what their position was.

Once English PM Margaret Thatcher stated to him:

“I know how much we owed to you for your help “’

Quite the way to talk to a man who killed all opposition.


Benito Mussolini

On April 27, 1945 the famous architect of fascism Benito Mussolini was attempting to escape both partisans and massive Allied armies. He attempted to disguise himself as a soldier, as to become a Prisoner of War rather than be executed for war crimes.

He put on the jacket and officer gear.
When the partisans stopped him they nearly let him go. Had it not been for the fact he had not been wearing the wrong pants. They did not match with his uniform. This prompted a close search. Within hours he was hanging from a street light.

Mussolini had sent several messages to his forces while fighting before and during WWII:

While invading Ethiopia in 1935:

“The use of gas as an ultima ratio to overwhelm enemy resistance and in case of counterattack is authorised.”

“Given the enemy system I have authorized V.E. the use even on a vast scale of any gas and flamethrowers.”

“All rebels taken prisoner must be killed.”

“I have authorized once again V.E. to begin and systematically conduct a politics of terror and extermination of the rebels and the complicit population. Without the legge taglionis one cannot cure the infection in time. Await confirmation.”

Mussolini was ruthless in battle and liked to picture himself as a brave soldier.
He allied with Adolf Hitler against the Allied forces, he found that many of the Italians had no will to fight in them and were easily defeated, unlike the Germans.

He eventually met his fate at the hands of his trousers.


Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier

Duvalier was a feared leader who was known to have practised Voodoo.
He was also a physician, thus the Doc nickname. His son, Jean Claude Duvalier also led the country after his death in ’71, Jean Claude was known as Baby Doc.

With thanks to Duvalier, by his death he had driven Haiti to be the poorest country in the Americas. He was mainly feared for his posing as the spirit of death, fooling feeble peasants. His propaganda always had him posing with Christ and the like. He made himself to be a larger than life madman. He may not have killed as many as Amin but his methods of control were putrid as well as his beliefs.

His private army, the Tonton Macoutes were more draconian than many services like them such as the Nazi Schutz-Staffel (SS). They brandished machetes and wore dark glasses. All civilians looked at them with absolute and utter fear. They killed who they felt. No one was safe from them. It is believed that they continued to operate, long after he was exiled in 1971.

He reduced the size of his military, made a curfew and banned other political parties. Through this he manipulated his way through power. His simple peasants and educated men alike feared him. In fact the educated people fled to various western cities, creating a complete lack of doctors and teachers.

Although there were still people who stood against him, such as those who plotted a bomb against him. For this he retaliated by executing 20 of his elite presidential guard officers.

He even went so far as declaring US President Kennedy had been assassinated because he had placed a curse on him!

Papa Doc died in 1971, in exile in France. His son, known rather appropriately as Baby Doc ruled from then on.

An example of his people’s hatred for him is shown by the fact that in 1984 a superstitious mob of Haitians went to the supposed burial place of him to ritually kill his corpse a second time. Unfortunately for the mob, the body had since been removed so they went after a living supporter of the Duvaliers to beat to death anyway!


Idi Amin

Amin pictured himself as a heroic leader. He even created Uganda’s Victorious Cross, a rip-off of the famous high-ranking English award, the Victoria Cross and awarded it to himself. He claimed himself to be “Lord of all Beasts on Earth and Fishes in the Sea.”

He even went so far as calling himself “King Of Scotland”. Idi Amin obviously had lost his marbles some time ago before he rose to power.

He was brutal as well.
He ordered the massacre of 5000 ethnic soldiers, supporters of the opposing leader, Milton Obote. The bodies were dumped into the River Nile, left floating lifelessly. He once dumped enough bodies to clog the Owen Falls Hydro-Electric Dam.

It is believed that more than 300 thousand died at his hands through his constant ethnic cleansing of various groups.

Amin also cut his relations with various countries. He cc and the Soviet Union. He nationalized 85 British owned businesses angering the English. The United States shut their embassy in the capital, Kampala on the advise of an ambassador, Thomas Melady who called the regime “racist, erratic, brutal, inept, bellicose, irrational, ridiculous, militaristic and above all xenophobic.”

He even let Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked an airliner full of innocents land and be protected by his men until the Israelis secretly rescued the passengers.

He continually built up his military angering Kenya extremely. They stopped several shipments of Soviet weapons to Uganda which boosted the tensions completely. Amin pushed it completely when he claimed that he believed that some parts of southern Sudan and parts of Kenya, 32km within the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Kenya stated that they “wouldn’t part with an inch” of their territory of which Amin backed down when Kenyan forces were mobilized to the border.

Amin died in Saudi Arabia in 2003 after he was yet again refused entry to the country he had so nearly destroyed.


Mao Zedong

Chairman Mao may seem to be a bit high up the chart to have killed more than any dictator in the world at 49,000 000 people in his Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. But for this list it is not the deaths but the personalities. Mao actually had a good intention for his country with his ideas but not all did go to plan for he ordered the slaughter of those who did not follow his ideals.
The main quantity of the number is actually famine of civilians rather than intentional genocide.

His executions though, do make up quite a bit of it though. His fanatic “Red Guards” would publicly executed anybody who showed even the slightest verbal or physical resentment to the Chairman’s lead.

He sealed the fates of many of the people when he put in his Great Leap Forward plan, in which he reorganised many places into communes. This completely disrupted China’s economy, in particular it’s agriculture. This fantasy slowly killed many impoverished peasants.

He kept China like Hitler kept Gemany, he made himself up to be larger than life. Everyone hung a painting of him in their houses with pride. The classic Mona-Lisa esque smile he held was see through though.

China was like a carbon copy of Hitler’s Germany under Mao.
He had all the hallmarks of the Third Reich, these included:

*Concentration Camps
*Human Experimentation
*A Must-Have Propaganda Book (Little Red Book and Mein Kampf)
*Similar Propaganda
*A fanatic group of soldiers (Red Guards and the SS)
*Mad leaders (Hitler and Zedong)

In many respected publications, Zedong is still described as loveable, iconic and brilliant. Try telling those who died of hunger or a bullet, lying face down in the muddy poverty inflicted upon China. It was only the later ruler Deng Xiaoping who brought them back from complete economic destruction.


Pol Pot

It is not uncommon to see photographs of skulls stacked atop each other in masses. For many people, this instantly draws any of the following words:
Pol Pot
Khmer Rouge

Pol Pot took over a US backed government and supported the North Vietnamese Army in the Vietnam War. This brought on Cambodia, intensive US bombing raids, which killed 150,000 peasants. But for many Cambodians, this was just the end of the beginning.

He claimed “This is Year Zero” and stated that the newly named Democratic Republic of Kampuchea was about to be purified. As with many Asian dictatorships, Pot removed all Western influences.

After all his ‘Great Leap Backward’ cannot be better exclaimed than by United Rights:

“All foreigners were thus expelled, embassies closed, and any foreign economic or medical assistance was refused. The use of foreign languages was banned. Newspapers and television stations were shut down, radios and bicycles confiscated, and mail and telephone usage curtailed. Money was forbidden. All businesses were shuttered, religion banned, education halted, health care eliminated, and parental authority revoked. Thus Cambodia was sealed off from the outside world.”

Cambodia was set back by years.

Suddenly all cities were evacuated. Some 20,000 died along the way.
City people began working 18 hours a day on 90 grams of rice a day.
Quite obviously people began dying. Pot began his purges, killing anyone who had seen any foreign influence. Families were killed along with the supposed perpetrators. Anyone suspected of disloyalty was murdered by gun or axe.

Fifty percent of the Chinese living in Cambodia were exterminated.
Muslims were forced to eat pork (of which their religion does not permit) or be shot.

Pol Pot eventually lost control of the rampaging Khmer Rouge and was deposed in 1979, dying in 1997.

As a Khmer Rouge slogan went “What Is Rotten Must Be Removed.”


Jean Kambanda

Not many know of his name. I admit I didn’t until I carried out this article.

Many remember the harsh images of mass murder in Rwanda.

The cause of the deaths of 800,000 people was simply a tribal feud.
In Rwanda you were either Hutu or Tutsi. The tensions were already high between the two ethnic groups, as they had always been as the Belgian colonist heritage they had had left them rivals as the colonists themselves were. The tensions exploded when a plane carrying the Hutu Rwandan president and the Hutu Burundi President was shot down.

It is still not known if it was Tutsis or inciting Hutus who shot it down.

The rest is history.

The genocide broke out inflaming the Hutus even more with radio broadcasts and supplies of arms. Some of the most famous broadcasts are by Georges Ruggiu, who announced over the radio “What are you waiting for? The tombs are empty. Take up your machetes and hack your enemies to pieces!” They continued to encourage things like killing your Tutsi neighbour. The madness continued on, children and babies being hacked to death with machetes. And at the helm of this was Jean Kambanda.

He was President from then on until the end of the bloodshed.
He once claimed on the radio “Genocide is justified in the fight against the enemy.” He distributed masses of arms and ammunition with the knowledge that the people in the cross hairs would be innocent people. He also continued to broadcast on the radio, broadcasting hate.

The genocide continued on, The Radio-Television Libre Des Mille Collines or RTLM continued preaching murder. They took it up a notch and began broadcasting addresses and places were Tutsis were hiding, asking people to slaughter them. People recall seeing men tracking victims with a radio in one hand, machete in the other. They even broadcast the licence plates of fleeing Tutsis and Hutu helpers.

Eventually the lunacy ended, when the Rwandan Patriotic Front (Tutsi) cut through Hutu forces and took over. As for Kambanda, he was arrested in Nairobi and found guilty of several charges, relating to genocide. He is now serving life imprisonment.

He is the only man on this list who is still alive.


Ismael Enver

Enver came to power in 1913 in a coup and was one of the three ‘pashas’ who led Turkey during World War I.

It was during WWI at which the pashas came to notice that world war would be the perfect time to be rid of the Armenians. On the 24th of April, 1915 the tragedy began to unfold, when 6oo respected Armenians were killed at the government’s order.

The military dictatorship continued on its road to destruction when they formed the Teskilati Masusa or Special Organization. Criminals in prison for various felonious acts such as murder were released to form this organization. This, was primarily, to select people who had the minimum emotion associated with the savage murder of innocent people.

In a shockingly similar method later used by the Nazis under Hitler, they built around 25 major concentration camps to hold the Armenians. While transporting the Armenians via death march they encouraged others to rape and kill the people, as the battalions did themselves.

There are groteqsque photos showing children under 10 sitting on the streets, naked, their friends lying on the road, dead. There are also photographes of the various bodies, lined up after their extermination.

The Turkish government continues to deny that the genocide was actually a genocide. Recently the otherwise forgotten topic was brought to light again when an Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink was assassinated in 2007. The thing that made it related, was that the motive for the killing was that Dink was a prominent critic of the Turkish government’s current treatment of the Armenian minority and their denial of the genocide. The killer was an ultranationalist which brought much anger over the killing and showed publicity.

Currently a ridiculous Turkish law, Article 301, makes it a crime to insult or critique “Turkishness” especially to do with the genocide

Hrant Dink had 3 charges of 301 against him.

In January 2007 Ogrun Samast walked up behind him, and shot him 3 times in the back of the head.

In 1922, Ismael Enver was celebrating Ramadan when Russians attacked. He was killed in the attack.


Joseph Stalin
Soviet Union

It seems funny to me that not only did no. 1 and 2 in this list fight for their positions here but they also fought against each other.

‘Uncle Joe’ as he was known by the allies in WWII, began trying to grab
power when the famous Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin died in 1924. He even had Leon Trotsky, the second of the two famous communists, exiled and then killed by an ice pick stuck into his head. Stalin was ruthless and harsh.

His second wife, Nadya committed suicide rather than be with him, and left a condemning note on her death. He began to build and expand ‘Gulags’, massive prison work camps that kept people in horrible conditions. He had his NKVD secret police murder over 1 million people and imprisoned or deported/exiled another 10 million in his famous ‘Great Purges’ in which he completely destroyed all of his opposition.

Yet somehow, we regard Stalin less as a dictator and more as a leader. We will never forget his alliance with Franklin D. Roosevelt or Winston Churchill during World War II and leading what seemed a doomed Russia to victory over a much superior German army. He was one who was hard to put as a dictator, as he was loved by many of his people and looked up to by people varying from soldiers, crouching in the snow as German artillery rained upon them, or the rich and prosperous, sipping the finest vodka in their lavishly-decorated dining rooms.

Sadly, many people suffered when he staged his own ‘Great Leap Forward’ when he nationalised all industry and commerce, completely disrupting all of the USSR’s production of food and products as well as the economy. And even though it may seem heroic to win WWII, but the results of the Russian advance across Germany was horrifying. The undisciplined Soviets raped over 2 million German woman and took what they wanted, killed what they wanted and generally pillaged the Deutschland. Stalin knew it was happening and didn’t stop it until it was too late to matter.

Stalin also closed off Germany and was responsible for the blockading of food to the West Germans, leading the English and Americans to have to evacuate and drop supplies for the people. He also lifted the famous ‘Iron Curtain’ over the Soviet Union, starting the Cold War.

Stalin set the benchmark for many more Communist leaders like Nicolae Ceauscesu and Pol Pot, they didn’t take the lesson of Stalin’s failure and failed to achieve the true state-controlled utopia they had all imagined too. Ceauscesu met bullet and Pot, an old man, cremated under burning car tires.


Adolf Hitler

I have not met a single person over the age of 13 who doesn’t know who Adolf Hitler is. I live in Queensland, Australia, a land containing many surfies and skaters who lack general knowledge. The culture up here is that it is smart to be dumb and I still am yet to meet the fellow who does not know this mustachioed madman. Hitler, to me, is truly the face of dictatorships, antisemitism, fascism and racism. He is a, if you like, poster boy, a poster boy of hatred.

Hitler came to power as ‘Der Fuhrer’, the position of absolute power. He was loved by the Germans at first, as to the fact that he was seemingly, a sign of hope. Germany had faced unfair land allocation after their defeat in WWI as well as complete disruption of their economy and the like from occupation. The Great Depression had also struck.

Hitler built Germany’s army up bigger than any other, completely ignoring the agreements with much ease due to the foolish English PM, Chamberlain, who had a policy of appeasement with Hitler as well as Joseph Stalin allying with him and the US ignoring the situation. Hitler then started bringing into action his anti-semite policy which meant the utter and complete disrespect of Jews and later, the extermination of. He then began taking over small European
nations, but when he reached Poland, England and France declared war on him because of an alliance they had with the Polish.

Throughout the war he committed various atrocities.
His most famed is the holocaust. He rounded up millions of Jews and various other minority groups and put them into concentration camps. There they were worked to death on virtually no food although most were killed by the gas chambers, he had various special units, including his Einsatzgruppen and Gestapo (both part of his elite force, the Schutz-Staffel/Waffen-SS) who were created to kill Jewish people. The camps had various horrors, such as human experimentation, the mass killings, the harsh rules and murderous guards. If you were thought not to be of use, you would be killed immediately.

Hitler also ruined his army, by being arrogant over his experienced generals and having things only his way. The Germans lost the biggest and most important battle in WWII, D-Day, because they couldn’t commit troops until Hitler had woken up. He eventually found himself in a bunker in the middle of Berlin, Russians advancing. He told his chauffeur to collect as much fuel from the car park, married his long-time mistress, Eva Braun, said goodbye to the other people, went to his room and shot himself through the mouth with a pistol. They burned his body with the fuel.

A very disturbed man was now in peace.


Green Light

7 04 2007

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